Boston Area Real Estate Attorney

For nearly 40 years, Kathleen O'Donnell has been practicing law with a concern for continual growth and development. Through her representation of private organizations, municipalities, and residential buyers and sellers, Ms. O'Donnell has garnered extensive experience in real estate law. Her office in Milton, Massachusetts, abuts one of the many open spaces her legal practice seeks to develop and preserve.

Educated Decisions

An avid proponent of lifelong learning, Ms. O'Donnell is a respected lecturer, author and editor. Her counsel on real estate matters is highly regarded, and other legal professionals often call upon her as an expert witness on a breadth of real estate topics, including legal malpractice, title and conveyance issues, as well as municipal real estate matters. Her legal services for residential clients go beyond handling closing documents. She ensures her clients are well-educated on the process of buying and selling their property, the forms involved, and the benefits or drawbacks of hiring a broker.

Well-versed in municipal law matters, Ms. O'Donnell also counsels parties interested in buying and selling municipal land, especially lands with special conditions such as open space and affordable housing. Her legal practice aims to facilitate productive and practical real estate transactions as smoothly as possible, and in spite of difficult or complicated legal restrictions and bylaws.

Creative Counsel

When faced with a cumbersome process for the creation of affordable housing by municipalities, Ms. O'Donnell proactively sought legislative remedy. As a result, affordable housing trusts, as regulated under Chapter 44 Section 55C, were established. Her approach to legal real estate issues is exceptionally proactive and goal-oriented. She keeps her clients focused on the most important matters at hand, and her no-nonsense approach keeps clients level-headed and educated when making decisions.

If you seek an attorney with extensive and devoted experience related to residential real estate, title and conveyancing, municipal real estate or affordable housing, call 617-794-2794 to speak to a lawyer. You can also contact Ms. O'Donnell through her online form.